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Pogostemon cablin


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In Indonesia, the leaves are harvested throughout the year to be cut, dried, and distilled on site. We source the essential oil then adjust it in our facilities in Seville.

Traditional tool in perfumery, patchouli essential oil is found in oriental bases, accompanied by rose notes, or in chypre accords. Patchouli brings out vetiver or oak moss notes and flowers, but also chocolate accords.

Patchouli is a subshrub native to India, Malaysia, and Southeast Asia. It has long, upright stems covered with broad, velvety green leaves. It is usually propagated through cuttings.
Its usage history began in 1844, the year a shipment of patchouli arrived in England. It was then mixed into the potpourri blends used to scent the salons of the wealthy. It later became popular in France through the importation of scented shawls from India and Indonesia. In the 1960s and 1970s, patchouli even became a symbol of rebellion and freedom in France.
The name even honors the foliage: Patchouli comes from the Tamil patch which means green and ilai which means leaf.

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