Pink peppercorn Peru

Essential oil

Schinus molle


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Product details

Our added value

We ensure that berries are harvested without impacting the trees, their survival or the surrounding ecosystem. We import the pink peppercorns and process them at our production center in Almaden de la Plata, Spain.

Pink peppercorn essential oil was first used in floral bouquets in the 1990s. Nowadays, it is mainly used with woody, violet and rose notes

Schinus molle, native to Peru, has spread to temperate regions of South America, from Bolivia to northern Argentina. The fruits, commonly called peppercorns, are actually drupes – fruits whose seed is contained in a hard central pit or kernel, surrounded by a fleshy substance. In Peru, pink peppercorns are used to make a local alcoholic beverage called chicha de molle, but are also used in peppercorn vinegar or honey.

Pink peppercorn is harvested from April to June: the fruits are harvested when they ripen and are air dried. Harvesters use long poles topped with metal hooks to shake the branches and knock the peppercorn clusters onto tarpaulins spread beneath the trees. The fruits are then winnowed on site to separate them from branches, leaves, and peppercorn debris. Each tree produces an annual harvest of 25 to 50 kilograms of pink peppercorns

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