[sustainable agriculture] Plant cover method used in fields

Because it is essential for us to act in favour of sustainable agriculture and the protection of nature, we have been involved for six years in the MPP chain alongside iteipmai* on projects related to crop and environmental protection and the use of natural raw materials as a care product.

Our collaboration with iteipmai enables us to make progress on sustainable practices such as inter-row plant cover and to contribute to feedback during meetings between farmers.
The interest of plant cover is to fight soil erosion by not leaving the soil bare, to promote biodiversity and ecosystem services and to manage grassing differently.

Experimentation with iteipmai in the lanvanderaies showed that plant cover provided a better resistance of lavender to leafhoppers by providing a physical barrier to its propagation and a better resistance of the plants to hydric stress. For our part, we have implemented this method in our organic Centifolia rose fields and on our Grosso lavandin plots.

*Iteipmai is the Interprofessional Technical Institute of Perfume, Medicinal, Aromatic and Industrial Plants for the research and agricultural development of these plants.

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